Electric Scooter Rental London

Renting an electric scooter is ideal if you are looking for flexibility, without any commitments 

Scooter Rental with Scoot The City is available in London on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with prices starting from just £19.99 per day. We offer both short term and long term rental services. 

Electric Scooter rental in London is a popular choice for getting around the city, both quickly and efficiently. The over-crowded streets and busy subways have left commuters looking for a better, hassle-free, and eco-friendly solution. 

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Why Rent an Electric Scooter?

With city transport costs and journey times rising, people are increasingly renting scooters for work commutes, seeing the sights, or just for fun!

E scooters are compact, economical and eco-friendly, while being a lot of fun to ride, for both adults and children. 

Scoot The City are leading specialists in adult electric scooters, and offer the perfect solution for both short term and long term e-scooter rental in London.  

What our Customers Say

We have many happy customers who have used our rental services for both short term and long term rentals. See our Google and Trustpilot ratings for our recent feedback.  

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Book your Scooter Rental with us

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Alternatively, you can get in touch with our customer service team to make your electric scooter rental booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent an Electric Scooter in London?

Scoot the City are established specialists in the supply and rental of e-scooters. Our affordable rates start at just £19.99 per day. We can offer pricing based on daily, weekly or monthly use. Please contact us for your personalised quote

Where can I ride an E Scooter?

The government legislation is that it is only possible to ride electric scooters on private land. The confusion is that people in some areas are seeing scooters pop up on the side of the street. These are part of a one year trial scheme to help the government determine whether they should legalise the use of electric scooters in the UK. Different boroughs have different schemes but it’s important to note that scooters under the trial are restricted to specific areas.
If the government legalise the use of electric scooters (hopefully in the near future), it is likely that they will allow riders to use only roads and bike lanes. 

Do I need insurance to rent an Electric Scooter?

Due to the current regulation on e scooters, it is not possible to get insurance when riding a scooter. This will change once the regulation changes and there are a number of insurance companies that will be offering this service in the future.  

How old do I need to be to ride an Electric Scooter?

It is expected that when scooters are legalised in the UK, it will be for riders aged 18+

Do I need a driving license?

It is possible that when scooters are legalised in the UK, riders will be required to have either a provisional or full driving license. 


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