If you are reading this then you already know the benefits of riding an electric scooter, however there are some important health and safety tips to protect yourself and other individuals. It is crucial to understand what steps can be taken to protect your own health and safety.

Here is our list of Top 5 Health & Safety Tips:

1. WEAR A HELMET: We strong advise and encourage all riders to wear a helmet at all times. Scooters can record speeds up to 30 km per hour so we highly recommend purchasing a helmet as your #1 accessory. 

2. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT For some, riding a scooter can be a walk in the park whereas other riders need some time to practice. We always recommend to take the scooter to an off-road area with wide open spaces and get familiar with the different speed setting and using the front and rear break.

3. RIDING IN THE DARK: As the winter is approaching, that does not mean that you need to stop using your e-scooter. Please be aware of any built-in lighting at the front of the scooters. Make sure to switch the light on during low visibility periods including early morning and winter nights. We also recommend wearing visibility clothing to attract other vehicles and pedestrians. 

4. ALWAYS READ THE USER MANUAL: We know how exciting it is to open the box for your new electric scooter, however before you take it out for a spin there are a couple of things you need to do:

  • Read the instructional manual to understand all the different elements to your scooter brand and model
  • Drain the battery first before putting on charge: It is tempting to put your scooter on charge with 50% battery however we will always recommend to drain the battery before 

5. RIDE SAFELY: Make sure that you familiar with the route from your origin to your destination. You can purchase phone holders from our Accessory store so you can have a map of your route in front of you at all times. It is important to note that e-scooters don't have indicators so you need to slow down when turning to avoid any accidents. Also please keep aware of other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists and be respectful to other people. We recommend that you don't have headphones in while riding so you can stay alert at all times. 

Rider safety is something that we take very seriously at Scoot The City, ensuring that both our e-scooters and our riders are fully equipped. Electric Scooters are generally a safe mode of transportation, however it is important to look after your own health and safety when using an electric scooter. Please only ride following the legislation in your area


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