It took a global pandemic, an overburdened public transport system and the collapse of the traditional commute for the UK government to finally invest in London’s bike lanes. Like many Londoners, we reacted to the announcement with scepticism - yet another unrealisable policy. We could never have anticipated the joy of the morning scooter commute (scoot + commute) on London’s newest network of smooth, wide cycle lanes.

Protected cycling spaces, wider lanes, safer junctions, and cycle and bus-only corridors were announced by the UK government as part of a £250 million emergency active travel fund - the first stage of what will become a £2 billion investment.

As a regular driver, we have all wasted endless hours sitting in bottleneck congestion as two lanes become one. As a scooter commuter however, we are now able to glide past the standstill traffic, overjoyed at the new road layout and relishing the breezy new cycle lane afforded by the adjustments to the road.

For some, these signs mean deadlock traffic and an apologetic call to the office. For others, they represent efficient, stress free travel.

So, can e-scooter riders use bike lanes? At the moment, it is important to remember that electric scooters are still illegal on public roads and pavements and can only be used on private land. However, that all looks set to change with the announcement in May 2020 to bring forward electric scooter trials by a year. There are a number of trial schemes taking place across the UK currently and the government is closely evaluating the success of these trails to inform future scooter legislation. In cities hosting the trials, electric scooter riders are permitted to use cycle lanes.

The growing network of cycle lanes can only signal a government commitment to alternative, greener forms of transport. Whilst the lanes are currently focused on building capacity for bicycles, it seems only a matter of time before the lanes host a range of electric transport solutions. As the green transport revolution gathers pace, we are continuously refining our expertise and product range to meet all of your scooting needs.

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